Hey y’all, I’m Jenny! I’m currently a student at North Carolina State University (Go Pack!) studying towards my Chemical Engineering and Paper Science & Engineering degrees. Growing up, my interest in creatively expressing myself has been present in all aspects of my life. My love for capturing and expressing myself through photography continues to grow.

I love learning new things and coming up with exciting & creative aspects to make your project unique and personalized to you. Continuing to learn and develop is really important to me and having that reflected in my work is essential.

I currently manage the Syncast social media pages and provide behind the scenes support on all of our projects. My goal is to provide you with the best experience in creating your project and bringing your vision to life!


Hey there! I'm a filmmaker based out of Charlotte, and I love my job. About 4 years ago I picked up my very first DSLR camera and began making films for my church’s youth group. This hobby became a passion to create good looking content for everyone I could. I attended University of North Carolina Wilmington and received a degree in Film Studies. Now, I strive to make high quality content that fits your unique personality. 

My career as a filmmaker has lead me to make dozens of wedding films, break into the Real Estate Videography market, and help local businesses market themselves through commercials and social media ad campaigns. This is one of the most fulfilling jobs one could ever ask for. 

Your project is incredibly important to me and my goal as your videographer is to capture it in the BEST way possible.



Depending on the project and circumstances, we will deliver the video in different ways. Via a custom wooden USB, Dropbox, or a physical hard drive if needed.

How will I receive my final edited video?

As a team, we try and keep our style very universal throughout all of our projects. We like doing fast and energetic edits with lots of camera movements. Perfect for an adventurous couple or brand!

What is your style?

On most shoots we have one videographer and one assistant. We will bring additional persons if necessary.

How many videographers would I have at my wedding?

You are able to purchase the footage on a large hard drive after the project is finished for $300. 

Do I get the raw footage after the project is done?

To assure the highest quality product, we only specialize in videography but we have many photographers that we highly recommend.

Do you do photography?

We keep your project file for up to one year. After that, we will reach out and see if you would like the RAW footage otherwise it will be removed from our archive.

How long do you keep my project for?

We do our best to honor the songs you request. However, in certain circumstances where it is not possible to obtain a license for the specific song, such as well known songs, we utilize another song of the same genre and style. 

I have a specific song I like, are you able to use it for my project?

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