charlotte nc commercial videographers

Nice looking videos aren’t good enough anymore.

We produce videos that generate real, measurable results. (Its just a bonus that our videos are high quality)


It all begins with our team sitting down with you and getting to know your company. We like to get a basis of your goals and how our videos can help you achieve those.

01. Company Research

Next, we dive into brainstorming and envision ideas. From there we create an outline that highlights the important elements that we need to produce for the video.

02. Brainstorming & Outline

With our knowledge of creating engaging and persuasive films, we will create and craft a list of shots we need and also prepare for production days. This means getting costumes, props, or materials needed.


In production, we get to work out magic. We handle everything involved in creating the video. This can include locations, equipment, models, and production crew.


After filming, it hits the editing floor where we bring the footage to life. There are three main parts to this section:


While editing, well craft the story from cutting and arranging shots to adding transitions and any effects needed.


The colors captured on set might be different from scene to scene. So, in color correction, we balance the colors to make them even and realistic. 


Using pro-grade audio equipment, we mix the audio captured from filming and interweave music and sound effects to give your viewers an immersive experience.


Lastly, once we complete the edit we will send it to you for approval. Pending approval, we send your finished product in a few different formats that we feel are most frequently asked. That includes a standard horizontal format, an Instagram 1x1 format, and a 4x5 format that maximizes mobile phone screens.


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Hey y’all, I’m Jenny! I’m currently a student at North Carolina State University (Go Pack!) studying towards my Chemical Engineering and Paper Science & Engineering degrees. Growing up, my interest in creatively expressing myself has been present in all aspects of my life. My love for capturing and expressing myself through photography continues to grow.

I love learning new things and coming up with exciting & creative aspects to make your project unique and personalized to you. Continuing to learn and develop is really important to me and having that reflected in my work is essential.

I currently manage the Syncast social media pages and provide behind the scenes support on all of our projects. My goal is to provide you with the best experience in creating your project and bringing your vision to life!


Hey there! I'm a filmmaker based out of Charlotte, and I love my job. About 4 years ago I picked up my very first DSLR camera and began making films for my church’s youth group. This hobby became a passion to create good looking content for everyone I could. I attended University of North Carolina Wilmington and received a degree in Film Studies. Now, I strive to make high quality content that fits your unique personality. 

My career as a filmmaker has lead me to make dozens of wedding films, break into the Real Estate Videography market, and help local businesses market themselves through commercials and social media ad campaigns. This is one of the most fulfilling jobs one could ever ask for. 

Your project is incredibly important to me and my goal as your videographer is to capture it in the BEST way possible.